About Energy Link

Our Leadership

The energy and utility market landscape is extremely diverse, complex, and constantly changing. Our highly specialized energy management systems require a combination of strong leadership, a diverse team, and exceptional focus on the end product. Our team member’s expertise includes finance, real estate development, mechanical and electrical engineers, energy efficiency experts, and highly trained install technicians. Our diverse knowledge combined with hands-on experience and strong leadership help make us the best in the industry for these types of projects.

Chris Ihler

CEO / CO-Founder

At Energylink, Chris is also responsible for determining and directing the execution of the business strategy, vision and operations of the company. Through Chris leadership, Energylink has successfully forged a new approach to industry procedures that integrates energy engineering with proven installation practices; effectively lowering the cost of implementing energy savings power systems for the end consumer. Chris has hand-selected and groomed each employee of the Energylink team to assure Energylink’s continued trajectory of growth and innovation. [He has also set the metrics for employee submissions and releases]. Chris prides himself in the strong retention rate of his employees and the retained earnings of Energylink year over year. Chris places special emphasis on building a workforce culture which fosters employee innovation and participation in both strategic and tactical business decisions. This results in a tightknit group culture where participants feel fully vested and standards of efficiency and accomplishment are consistently high. In this connection, each employee is encouraged to explore the leading edge of industry innovation and to offer suggestions when industry changes present opportunities to pivot toward optimized design and performance of each installation. As CEO, Chris also oversees CFO and marketing responsibilities to assure cashflow and balance sheet strength. Under his leadership, revenues and staff of Energylink have grown by 50% year over year since its inception. Prior to creating Energylink, Mr. Ihler founded and led Gateway Investments, a real estate based company focused on construction services and raw land development in Mid-Missouri and the Missouri Ozarks, as well as student housing and property management in Columbia. Chris majored in Real Estate and Finance at the University of Missouri.

Cameron Etheredge

Director of Engineering

Cameron brings over ten years of practice in the fields of energy and sustainability. Educated in mechanical engineering from University of Missouri Rolla, Cameron started his career path as a founding member of Canam Oil Properties Inc. Over the next eight years, Canam saw an increase over 1250% in valuation before asset liquidation. Cameron later worked on energy issues in Boulder, CO as a member of the Boulder Smart Energy Coalition in conjunction with Craig Eicher of Xcel Energy Inc. At BSEC, Cameron influenced the direction of issues pertaining to the regional power industry including renewable energy production and development, smart grid development and implementation, and public outreach/education. Cameron rounds out his skill set with three years of personnel and operations management experience in the consumer product leasing industry. In this capacity, he served as manager of a region producing $32MM/year for Talley Rent’s, the national holding company and product leasing company for Rent 1st with duties centered on asset acquisition and distribution.

Our Story

EnergyLink was founded in 2010 with a vision of being a growth-oriented clean tech company, dedicated to making our community more energy efficient. Our versatile team has adapted to the lightning-quick pace at which the industry shifts and as a result, we’ve changed a lot over the years. But one thing hasn’t changed: our commitment to responding to the needs of an environmentally-conscious world. We began with an emphasis in the installation of energy efficient fixtures such as water heaters, windows, doors, and more. Since then our catalog of services has expanded dramatically to include work with HVAC and geothermal systems, power sourcing such as solar and wind, energy bill minimization controls, whole-house insulation solutions, IR scanning, air sealing, and much more. As more and more people see the benefits of the work we do, we’ve not only expanded our body of work, we’ve expanded our services to surrounding Missouri cities such as Moberly, Booneville, Mexico, and others.

Energy audits are a crucial aspect of the work we do. We provide a comprehensive, thorough, and accurate analysis of the unique energy needs of each individual client. We leave no stone unturned to provide an diagnostic assessment to help our clients achieve their energy goals. For homeowners looking for quick, cursory energy audits, we’ve even launched an app that helps them perform a convenient analysis. Since our inception, we have partnered with numerous professionals and organizations that are dedicated to our mission of improving the community through energy sustainability. We believe we can find a way to work with any industry to improve the quality of our energy. For example, in 2011, we began partnering with local realtors. Together, we launched a unique initiative that we call our Realtor Referral Program to encourage home sellers to increase the energy efficiency of their homes at the time of listing. Not only has this brought efficient practices further into the mainstream, it has made these homes more marketable and easier to sell. In 2013, EnergyLink even struck out into the software world, launching an app to make it easy for homeowners perform a basic energy audit on their own time and to add energy efficiency improvements in with their FHA or VA loan.

2014 saw an addition to EnergyLink’s ever-expanding energy savings arsenal: demand management. We realized that energy savings affect not only the consumer, but the utility company as well, and worked toward designing a system that combined energy efficiency improvements, automation, and on-site generation to create a “win-win” situation for everyone involved.

Our efforts continue to this day to hone our mutually beneficial system for both the consumer and utility by mitigating expensive usage spikes that cost the consumer money, create stress on the already taxed local grid, and most importantly, harm our environment.

All of these efforts stem from one mission: empowering the community to minimize energy costs, and maximize the benefits of sustainable energy practices.

Why We Rock

Our Expertise

Our staff is comprised of engineers and analysts with an expansive wealth of knowledge on the energy industry and the trends that will shape it in the future. EnergyLink has partnered with hundreds of clients, both commercial and residential, as well as working with local and regional utilities and state agencies. We focus on learning not only about the consumer side of energy use, both residential and commercial, but also on the wholesaler side. Our unique insight into energy supply is something that others simply don’t have. We know how energy companies structure their billings, and we know the margins that energy companies are making on these billings. This gives us the power to effectively minimize your energy bill as it stands now, even if new systems aren’t installed. Energy consumption varies, and peak consumption times are the most expensive. By implementing controls to ensure that your energy consumption takes place at low hours, we secure the lowest possible rate for our clients. Here’s the best part: our method is the way of the future. Energy-conscious communities are eager to adopt our process. Why? Because allocating energy at low-usage times, less stress is placed on the energy grid and infrastructure. As a result, our clients are not only adopting energy-efficient practices, they’re promoting a community-wide benefit

How you benefit

Energy consumption is an investment. Are you treating it as such? We ensure your energy investment is low-risk, secure, and profitable. Typically, our clients’ energy investment pays for itself in 5 years or less, not to mention that there are plenty of reliable sources to backup your energy investment. Our work qualifies for a variety of Government Energy Funds such as tax credits and exemptions, grants, loans and rebates. The numbers don’t lie: EnergyLink solutions create 20+ years of cashflow. Our clients regularly see 3-4 times their initial investment on non-profit or owner-occupied buildings. Our clients regularly enjoy 10%+ IRR and 50%+ ROI. And they achieve these gains while benefitting the greater community and reducing their carbon footprint. Can the same be said of all your stocks, bonds, or portfolios? Our systems lower your operating expenses and they create a surplus cashflow without creating additional revenue. This means one thing: investing in energy is your best tax shelter. The energy we provide is sustainable from both a financial and an environmental standpoint. We empower our clients to wisely invest in their energy, control their energy, and own their energy.