Our Mission

Reduction of Demand VS Reduction of consumption

EnergyLink services revolve around serving our clients, our communities, and the future. We drive energy expenditures down, meaning we achieve the highest possible savings at the lowest possible cost for our customers. Our systematic energy allocation benefits the community as a whole by reducing stress on energy infrastructures. And by promoting energy sustainability in everything we do, we help secure a bright future. At EnergyLink, we push energy efficiency, production, and investment into ever-advancing realms. New methods, solutions, and systems are being developed at the speed of light, and we work to ensure that we are on the forefront of these innovations. By doing away with outdated energy practices and utility structures, we provide financial return-on-investment to our clients, energy savings for our communities, and a brighter future for our families.



Engineering, Procurement,
& Construction


Advanced Demand Management


Energy Investment Consulting


Step One


Determine opportunity to leverage utility structure

During the research phase, we use the latest technology available to visualize your energy usage in real-time and create an energy usage profile that will be used to build our energy savings algorithms.

Step Two


Build profit algorithm

Using specialized software, we create, refine, and test proprietary system control hierarchies to mitigate energy demand spikes while preserving overall system efficiency and comfort.

Step Three


Engineer ADMS

We carefully engineer a solar array based on measured daily load profiles, and current and future energy load estimates. This array drives down the baseline demand of the building at peak times, while our constantly “thinking” automation controls evaluate changing conditions, monitor the solar output, and reduce usage spikes.

Step Four



Our holistic approach to system design allows us to plan and oversee every step of the product selection, construction, installation, and maintenance process, from the initial survey to the final on-site inspections.

Our Team


Our Leadership

Chris Ihler

Chris Ihler

CEO / Co-Founder

Chris is one of EnergyLink’s Co-Founders. He leads both the investment and EPC teams at Energylink. He utilizes his background in finance and real estate development to help shape the feasibility studies generated by the investment team and the execution process of the EPC team. It is through the work of these teams that the innovative energy and demand reduction projects designed by the engineering team can be placed in service to benefit our clients and the community.

Cameron Etheridge

Cameron Etheridge

Director of Engineering

Cameron leads the engineering team at EnergyLink. He is personally involved with each project and provides directives to each of our highly trained engineers. He is responsible for keeping a pulse on the rapidly changing energy policies throughout our state and nation and is responsible for the team’s ongoing research & analysis of emerging energy technologies. On a daily basis, Cameron spends time and effort innovating new methods of fusing today’s emerging energy technologies with the current utility policies to create the economic returns our clients demand.